About Jamie

Jamie Pounds Creates Daily Green Boost™

By Marianly Hernandez Primmer, DGB writer

Jamie Pounds is the founder of Daily Green Boost™.  He is also a vegan and a raw food enthusiast.  He cares about what he eats.  But Jamie wasn't always concerned about the nutrients in his food.  

"I grew up like a lot of people eating whatever was in front of me", Jamie said he also ate candy and junk food.  

He was motivated to make a change after soul searching about what he truly values.  Jamie realized if he truly believes health is a priority, then he needs to treat it like a priority.  

He began making revisions in his diet.  The final push happened after a big Thanksgiving dinner.  "I just stuffed my face.  I was so full and miserable", Jamie said.  "I thought — why do I keep doing this to myself?"  

That's when Jamie broke into action.  The next day he cut out animal products from his diet.  

"I've been on a journey for a lot of years with my diet and making changes to become healthier", Jamie said.  

His journey led him to examine the nutrients in the foods he ate.  "I was finding out there's still unhealthy vegan foods [such as] vegan cookies and cakes", Jamie said.

Then he began juicing.  He remembers frequent trips to the store and hours of preparation and clean up.  He said juicing full-time was expensive and time consuming.  

"The amount of money and time I spent was unbelievable.  It wasn't sustainable over the long term", Jamie recalled.

He found a health coach who led him to barley grass juice powder.  Jamie bought barley grass supplements online, but says he was never completely satisfied, "They were really, really expensive.  The cheaper ones weren't really high quality."

Jamie started his search for an answer, "I wanted to make a high quality product that is affordable." 

What originally began as a solution for himself, turned into what is now Daily Green Boost™.  

"I know that I'm getting a really high quality product", Jamie said. 

Daily Green Boost™ is raw, vegan and certified organic.  The product is barley grass that is pressed and turned into a powder.  A drying technique is used to prevent oxidation and preserve nutrients.  

Jamie said similar products of this caliber could cost as much as $100.00 per pound.  However he keeps prices low and offers incentives for bulk purchases and returning customers. 

Jamie believes the key to getting the most nutrients is to fortify your meals with Daily Green Boost™.  

Right now he eats mainly in-season fruits and vegetables.  He calls bananas his go-to fruit, "I'll eat bananas and drink my barley grass juice powder afterwards."

Jamie has been eating healthy foods for more than 10 years before creating the supplement.  

He hopes Daily Green Boost™ will help people feel good, which he said will in turn, help people feel better about themselves.  In fact, Jamie believes a perk of starting Daily Green Boost™ is the lively community.  

"I get to be in contact with all of these positive and inspiring people from around the world that are my customers.  Daily Green Boost™ seems to attract these people like a magnet", Jamie said.